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Waterstones Bookshop UK ~ Online Book Shopping at Waterstones Bookshop

No two Waterstone's bookshops are the same. Sophisticated stock management systems ensure that each Waterstones Bookshop has its own unique range profile and space at the front of store to promote a choice of books picked by that branch. Waterstones Bookshop reputation is built upon the knowledge and enthusiasm of their 4,500 booksellers. Waterstone's booksellers love great books and are dedicated to finding the titles that customers want.

Waterstones Bookshop strives to create places where people who are interested in books can go to browse, a place that encourages new readers to expand horizons and that is home to booksellers that are passionate about the books that they sell.

An average sized Waterstones Bookshop merchandises a range of around 30,000 individual books, with 200,000 titles in the largest store. With over one million books in print, and around 120,000 new consumer titles published every year, the expert recommendations and advice of the company's booksellers are key ingredients in its success.

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The UK website of Waterstones.com is regionally competitive with other online book retailers and, in addition to bespoke online promotions, Waterstones.com reflect the key high street campaigns such as ‘Book of the Month' and ‘Waterstone's Recommends' - ensuring maximum campaign exposure both in store and online.

Waterstones Bookshop have put their booksellers right at the heart of Waterstones.com. Their passion for books, proven expertise in all genres along with their popular bespoke recommendations, fully personalised responses and suggestions enable Waterstones Bookshop to match customers, whatever they read, to their perfect book.

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